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1584 Views mesonet-nexrad service outage/change


The Mesonet Level II service provides open access to the National Weather Service "Level II" NEXRAD data. This service is being moved on 8 January 2018 to a new virtual home in the data center.

Firstly, there will be an outage of some duration starting around 8 AM 8 Jan 2018 as a physical move happens and then network reconfiguration happens. Hopefully this outage can be limited in time, I will update this news item once done.

Secondly, the service will be available from a different IPv4 and IPv6 address. The domain name will not change, but perhaps some folks have IP based firewalls in place. The new IP addresses will be and 2610:130:108:480::3.

This service will also default to HTTPS going forward.

Hopefully all of these changes are transparent to users. Famous last words! :)

Updated 8 Jan, 10:45 AM: Some network complications were found prior to the move starting, so the old service remains running for now until attempt number two is hopefully made later today. Thanks for your patience.

Updated 8 Jan, 2:45 PM: I believe we are up and stable with the new setup. If you are having trouble accessing, please let me know!