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Morning Injustice

11 Mar 2012 11:42 AM
Today begins the scam that is daylight saving time with an hour of morning sunlight stolen until this fall. The IEM has previously exposed the time change as a means for business to save money. Today's feature shows the local sunrise time along with the number of days it takes until the sun rises at the same time again later in April. It is just over a month with the process going faster the further north you go. If you look at this plot closely, you may notice the sun rising earlier at Saint Louis than Ames in mid June even though Ames is much further north. The reason for this is simple, but do you know why?

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Tin Foil Hat Time

04 Nov 2011 05:51 AM
The sham that is daylight saving time ends this weekend and so to encourage those who wear tin foil hats, the featured chart is presented comparing two periods of the day computed in CST and CDT. For the work day, the difference is computed between the 8 hour average temperature computed over the 8 AM to 4 PM period based in CST and CDT year-round. The "CDT effect" is for a slightly cooler 8 hour work day as compared to the same period if it was CST all summer. This effect remains the same in the winter time, but lo and behold our clocks go back to CST to reverse the effect. From an energy perspective, the result is potentially favorable for businesses to save a bit on cooling in the summertime and heating in the winter time. It is a conspiracy! Of course, when we are at home, the effect is reversed, so we have slightly warmer sleeping periods in the summer with CDT and cooler sleeping periods in the winter with CST. Your head is probably spinning trying to follow the logic presented, but think how CDT shifts the work day into earlier in the day to leave more light at night and time for lawyers to golf after work (net cooler, less cooling bill). In the winter, the shift is for more light in the morning (so that kids have light to go to school, whatever) which puts more of the work day into hours with sunlight (net warmer, less heating bill). Enjoy the extra hour of sleep :)

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