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Mostly dry midwest

24 Oct 2011 05:55 AM
The featured map presents IEM estimated precipitation departures since the beginning of September. The central sections of the map have missed out on the rain with totals below 40% of average. The near term forecast looks to continue the dry weather with temperatures near climatology.

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Bad: 2

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Windy Thursday

30 Sep 2011 05:56 AM
Wind gusts on Thursday turned out to be as advertised with peak gusts in Iowa above 50 mph over a good portion of the state. Unfortunately, this helped to fan some grass and field fires. Winds will not be as strong today with another stretch of dry weather expected to start. Dry weather is good in October to help farmers get the crops out.

Good: 35
Bad: 11

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So far this September

22 Sep 2011 05:57 AM
Yesterday was a cool and brisk day for mid September with highs only in the 60s making for the 6th day this month with a high temperature below 70 for Ames. The featured chart presents the minimum high temperature and number of days below 70 for the period of 1-21 September. Our minimum high of 53 this year was only exceeded by a few years in the past. High temperatures today will struggle to reach 60 and more cool weather is expected until a warmup next week.

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Bad: 4

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Plenty cool for September

19 Sep 2011 05:41 AM
The last five days have seen a remarkable stretch of cool weather with daily high temperatures in the 50s and lower 60s. The featured chart shows the past five days being the coldest on-average for any five day period prior to 19 September since 1903 for Ames! The forecast calls for a warm up to closer to normal high temperatures along with some more chances of rain.

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