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note the magnitude of the change is only an inch or two

Saylorville Lake Surges

11 Dec 2012 05:35 AM
The water level of Saylorville Lake (a reserviour northwest of Des Moines) has been of interest lately as it is at record low levels. Curiously, the water level rose slightly Sunday evening as shown by the top featured chart. The sensor gauge is located at the southern end of the lake with the lake extending back to its north and west. Persistent and strong winds over this fetch of water will push water in the direction of the wind. So a NW wind will drive water to the gauge (raising the reported level) and a SE wind will do the oposite as shown by the bottom chart from March. Perhaps the term "seiche" could apply in the bottom chart as an oscillation is shown, but it is not conclusive without further study.

Good: 34
Bad: 7

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