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Large Gradient for November

02 Dec 2011 05:59 AM
Precipitation totals for November ranged from around double of average over southeast Iowa to around 10% of average over northwest Iowa as shown by the featured map. This pattern did not help the dry conditions that have been worsening over portions of the northern plains. A winter storm is set to arrive this weekend with a dry work week expected after that.

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Bad: 6

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Wetter November

17 Nov 2011 05:56 AM
The precipitation total for this November has already exceeded the total for all of October for Ames. The featured chart presents the difference in precipitation between October and November each year for Ames. 37 of the total 119 years have seen a wetter November than October, so having this happen is about an one in three years chance. There are only small rainfall chances in the forecast.

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