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Prolific Hailer

10 Jul 2021 07:04 AM
A super cell thunderstorm developed into quite the prolific hail producer early afternoon on Friday with the featured map combining maximum estimated hail size by the NOAA MRMS project and available NWS Local Storm Reports. This map is zoomed in on about a four county region including Des Moines and to its north and west. The largest report received so far is 3.25 inches from Windsor Heights (suburb of Des Moines). The MRMS product aligns nicely with the received reports with a caveat being that this storm was right over-top the Des Moines NEXRAD location in NW Polk County, so algorithms may have struggled some. The "generate plot" link for this feature takes you to a viewer of the Local Storm Reports for this event.

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Where did 11 July rains fall?

12 Jul 2017 05:33 AM
The featured chart is an attempt to access where the rain fell in Iowa on Tuesday. The blue bars represent the areal coverage of precipitation departures for the previous 31 days prior to Tuesday. The orange bars represent the areal coverage of 0.20+ inch rainfalls over the state that coincided with the given categorical departure value. So the combination allows an assessment of where yesterday's rain fell. Overall, about 25% of the state received 0.20+ inches of rain on Tuesday, but some areas with current deficits did receive some rain along with other areas that did not need it (already at large positive departures). A majority of the rain did fall over areas that needed it! This plot is a first attempt at illustrating this metric, so your feedback on usefulness is certainly welcome!

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