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July Avg Temp Ranks

02 Aug 2023 05:30 AM
Yesterday's Daily Feature highlighted the extraordinary heat that Phoenix, AZ endured for July. Things around Iowa were not all that bad as shown by the featured map today of unofficial IEM estimates for average July temperature rank for this 2023 vs previous Julys back to 1893. Much of the Midwest US is indicated to have had a rather cool July with the extremities of the contiguous US much hotter and plenty of climate districts indicated to have had their hottest July on record. The near term forecast for August continues this general trend with hot weather confined off to our south.

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July Wind Antithesis

18 Jul 2023 05:30 AM
The weather on Monday featured let another day with winds out of the north, which continue to help funnel Canadian wildfire smoke through the state. Our winds this July have mostly been opposite of what climatology says should happen. The featured charts present the July wind climatology (left plot) and 2023 actual (right plot) for Ames. This information is presented in the form of a wind rose, which is a histogram oriented on a polar axis. The climatology plot indicates that southerly and southeasterly wind dominate for the month of July. This July has seen very little wind from that direction and it is rather remarkable to denote the climatology max bar at about SE is one of the shortest (least frequent) for this July. The implications are decreased humidity levels due to more northerly winds being drier and less storm activity as daytime instability is decreased.

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