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Still time to improve

27 Jan 2011 05:50 AM
According to IEM estimates, the warmest temperature recorded so far in Iowa this month was a mere 44 degrees. This makes for one of the lowest values on record only behind 1979 and 1940. Last year was not much better, with just one degree warmer value of 45. The forecast for the next few days does hold some promise that we may be able to improve on the warmest value with highs hopefully above freezing for most.

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Below zero for all

26 Jan 2011 05:55 AM
The featured map presents the lowest temperature reported so far this winter by the automated weather sensors located at airports in the state. According to this analysis, the entire state has seen temperatures below zero. The coldest temperature was -23 reported by Monticello back on the 21st. Sub-zero temperatures are expected to return next week.

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