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Bouncing February Highs

21 Feb 2022 05:27 AM
The weather cliche about if not liking the weather, wait five minutes, has certainly applied this February as day to day temperatures continue to bounce wildly around. Case in point, this past weekend with chilly temperatures on Saturday giving way to spectacular warmth on Sunday and how a dive back toward winter on Monday. Of course, the IEM Daily Feature is here to put numbers behind this perception. The chart displays the average absolute value difference between sequential daily high temperatures for Ames during February. While this February does have a week to go yet, the value shown thus far is the largest on record. The 12.5 value for this February means that, on average, the next day high temperature has averaged a difference of 12.5 from the current day high. After a high in the lower 60s on Sunday, Monday is expected about 15 degrees cooler and then Tuesday another 20 degrees cooler, both of which would increase the average change value for the month!

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