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Decision Time

21 Aug 2017 05:39 AM
You may have heard that there will be an eclipse today and if you are still deciding on where to go, the featured map presents the latest NWS forecast for sky coverage at 1 PM. The darker areas on the map represent the lowest sky coverage (least amount of clouds). It would still seem like Nebraska is the best bet for Iowans, but caveats galore with the amount of traffic likely on the roads today and the ongoing storms this morning complicating the forecast. If you are sticking around Iowa today, clouds look to be a problem for most of the state. Whatever you do, good luck and enjoy!

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Eclipse Sky Coverage Forecast

18 Aug 2017 05:34 AM
There is great excitement for the full solar eclipse that will transverse the entire CONUS on Monday. The featured map presents a recent NWS forecast of sky coverage at 1 PM CDT on Monday and the path of eclipse totality. For this chart, the darker areas represent locations with fewer clouds forecasted. At this point, the best eclipse viewing would appear to be over the northwestern US. If you are looking for somewhere closer to drive from Iowa, Nebraska appears to be a better bet at this time. Suffice it to say, there has never been this much interest nor forecaster attention given to a sky coverage forecast!

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Great evening for an eclipse

20 May 2012 09:04 PM
The clouds cleared out in time for most Iowans to get a glimpse of the partial solar eclipse this evening. The featured image is from the ISUAg Farm webcam showing an internal webcam reflection of the eclipse of the sun. I was not expecting to get this kind of view, but will certainly take it!

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