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Early 80

08 Mar 2017 05:35 AM
Amidst the numerous severe storms in Iowa on Monday rightly grabbing the headlines, the record high temperatures set were impressive as well. Sioux City reached 80 degrees on the 6th of March making for the earliest such 80+ degree temperature on record. Ironically, the previous earliest was just last year on the 7th. The featured chart displays the combination of first date at or above 80 and the subsequent number of days that year above that level. It is nice to think about all the warm weather that remains ahead of us as this would only be day one out of an average of 92 days!

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Last 80+?

31 Oct 2016 05:34 AM
The high temperature reached 81 degrees on Friday for Des Moines as the pleasant and mostly warm weather this October has continued on. Could that have been our last 80+ degree reading for the year? The featured chart looks at the combination of last 80+ degree reading of the year and the number of days that year above that level. Only a few years on record have seen an 80+ degree temperature later into the season. The forecast continues to project warm temperatures, but reaching 80 degrees again may be a challenge.

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Last 80+ Dew Point

21 Jul 2016 05:41 AM
The well advertised arrival of hot and very humid conditions arrived in the state on Wednesday with heat index values pushing well above 100 degrees for most of the state. Dew point temperatures reached 80 degrees according to some of the primary automated stations in the state. The featured map presents the most recent date that a 80+ degree dew point was reported by an Iowa ASOS station.

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Last 80?

29 Sep 2015 04:43 AM
Temperatures warmed nicely again into the 80s on Monday for much of Iowa. This will likely be the last of the 80s for at least the next week or so, but will it be the last of the 80s this year? The featured chart displays the combination of number of days over 80 degrees each year for Des Moines and the date of the last 80+ degree temperature that year. On average, we are likely to see another 80 degree day in October as about only 20% of years saw their last 80 degree temperature by the end of September. In general, the number of days over 80 does not appear to be a good predictor of the last date. The average date is Oct 10 as well, so there is hope for more really warm weather yet this fall!

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80 at 7 AM

14 Jul 2015 05:38 AM
Monday turned up the heat a bit more from Sunday with highs into the 90s for most of the state. For Des Moines, the temperature was already 80 degrees at 7 AM. The featured chart displays the hourly frequency of having a 80+ degree temperature for July. The period around sunrise has the lowest frequencies as this tends to be the coolest part of the day and the frequencies peak in the mid afternoon.

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80 Degree Period

26 Sep 2014 05:37 AM
Temperatures are expected to warm nicely today and approach 80 degrees, which would extend the period this year in between the first and last 80 degree temperature. The featured chart shows these periods and presents a linear fit trend line to both the first and last day of the year at this threshold. Even after today, temperatures will remain very seasonal with highs in the upper 70s at least until the end of next week.

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First 80

05 May 2014 05:37 AM
Temperatures for the recent past have been a struggle with our last day in the 80s back on Easter Sunday. This looks to change this week with 80s forecasted to return to Iowa. The featured map presents the average first date of 80+ degree temperatures for the year and those locations have have hit 80+ degrees so far. As with previous plots like this for 2014, the eastern portion of the Midwest has been the furthest behind. The impact of being next to the Great Lakes can clearly been seen as it takes those areas the longest with all the cold water nearby.

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Yet another day over 80

22 Oct 2012 05:49 AM
After some blustery and chilly days this October, very warm weather returned on Sunday with the high temperature, once again, exceeding 80 degrees for Des Moines. Des Moines has already recorded the most number of days over 80 in any year for the site. The featured chart looks at the local day temperature departure for days this year that have been over 80. The very anomalously warm days in March were certainly the most exceptional of the year. The bottom chart shows the percentage of days over 80 that were also 10+ degrees warmer than long term average. 2012 shows up again with its contemporaries of 1934 and 1936.

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Streaks of 80

04 Oct 2011 06:00 AM
Temperatures soared to 80 degrees in some locations in Iowa on Monday and even warmer temperatures are expected today. The featured chart looks at the longest streak of daily high temperatures over 80 by month. The year on which the last streak of the given length occurred is presented as well. It does not appear we'll break the 80s streak in October this year, but temperatures will not be far from 80 for the entire week!

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