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Neighboring Stations

The following is a list of IEM tracked stations within roughly a 0.25 degree radius circle from the station location. Click on the site name for more information.

Distance [km]NetworkStation Name Archive StartArchive End
1.745IA_DCPDes Moines River 4 NW IFC--Fort Dodge Hwy D142015-02-06
2.098IACOCORAHSFort Dodge 3.2 NW
3.496IACOCORAHSFort Dodge 1.7 NNW2020-04-30
3.964IACOCORAHSFort Dodge 1.5 N
4.698KCCIFort Dodge2004-04-102018-06-12
5.126NCDC81FT DODGE 5NNW1981-01-012010-12-31
5.126NCEI91FT DODGE 5NNW1991-01-012020-12-31
5.687IACOCORAHSFort Dodge 0.9 WNW
5.812IACOCORAHSFort Dodge 0.5 NNW2009-08-022009-09-21
5.944IACOCORAHSFort Dodge 0.5 N
5.944IACOCORAHSFort Dodge 0.5 N2007-09-042009-02-08
6.596IA_COOPFORT DODGE 5 NNW2004-01-01
6.596IA_DCPDes Moines River 2 WNW Fort Dodge2002-04-17
6.681IACLIMATEIowa Drought Region 2 - Northcentral1893-01-01
6.691IACOCORAHSFort Dodge 1.4 NE2022-07-04
6.748IACLIMATEFORT DODGE 4 NW2000-01-012017-12-20
6.797IA_DCPLizard Creek 5 WNW Fort Dodge2002-04-17
7.364IACOCORAHSFort Dodge 0.6 ENE
7.461IACOCORAHSFort Dodge 1.6 ENE2007-08-07
8.656IACOCORAHSFort Dodge 5.6 WNW2012-04-01
9.086IACOCORAHSFort Dodge 1.0 S
9.483IACOCORAHSFort Dodge 1.2 S
9.560IACOCORAHSFort Dodge 1.2 SE2008-07-152009-02-13
14.140IACOCORAHSBadger 3.1 NW2007-08-07
15.766IA_RWISFort Dodge (US 20)2000-02-21
17.633IA_DCPVincent - Fire Wx
19.013KCCIManson-NW Webster2003-02-062017-04-11
20.211IACLIMATEHUMBOLDT 21987-04-011997-06-30
22.442IACOCORAHSFort Dodge 7.7 SSW2018-04-012021-05-10
25.297KCCIHumboldt / Taft Elem2002-02-122015-05-07
25.787NCEI91HUMBOLDT WTP1991-01-012020-12-31
25.817IA_DCPWest Fork Des Moines River 0 WSW Humboldt2002-04-17
25.892IA_COOPDAKOTA CITY2008-02-23
26.324IA_DCPDakota City Fire Wx2015-02-032021-05-07
26.385IA_DCPEast Fork Des Moines River 0 ENE Dakota City2002-04-17
26.504NCDC81HUMBOLDT 3 W1981-01-012010-12-31
26.611IACLIMATEDakota City2000-01-012023-09-05
26.611IA_HPDDAKOTA CITY2021-01-01
26.626NCEI91DAKOTA CITY1991-01-012020-12-31
26.931IACOCORAHSHumboldt 0.4 N
28.139IACOCORAHSClare 5.2 WNW2018-08-01
28.461IACOCORAHSHumboldt 2.0 NE2014-04-032019-08-31