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Neighboring Stations

The following is a list of IEM tracked stations within roughly a 0.25 degree radius circle from the station location. Click on the site name for more information.

Distance [km]NetworkStation Name Archive StartArchive End
0.246ISUSMAmes - Horticulture ISU-RDF2013-11-14
2.367IA_DCPSouth Skunk River 4 NNE Ames McFarland Park2007-05-30
2.863IA_DCPAmes Fire Wx2015-03-132022-03-17
5.511IACOCORAHSGilbert 0.6 E2016-09-132016-10-28
6.218IACOCORAHSGilbert 0.6 SE2007-08-262007-09-19
6.372IACOCORAHSGilbert 0.2 ESE
6.421IACOCORAHSGilbert 0.3 SE2007-08-242021-11-29
6.554IA_DCPRoland - Bear Creek2023-01-31
7.021IA_DCPSouth Skunk River 2 N Ames W Riverside Rd2003-07-21
7.248IACOCORAHSGilbert 0.2 W2007-08-25
7.297IACLIMATEAMES 3 N2010-08-012022-09-16
7.389IA_DCPStory City - Keigley Branch2015-08-31
7.714ISUSMAmes - Hinds Farm
8.318IA_DCPGilbert Creek 1 SSW IFC--Gilbert 520th Ave2012-11-292016-10-20
8.757IA_DCPStory City - Skunk2007-05-30
9.141IACOCORAHSStory City 1.5 SSE2018-02-28
9.148IACOCORAHSAmes 2.6 NNW2007-08-20
9.237IACOCORAHSAmes 2.1 N2007-08-20
9.389IACOCORAHSAmes 2.7 NNW2007-08-262021-07-09
9.520IACOCORAHSAmes 2.0 N2007-09-182010-09-01
9.617IACOCORAHSAmes 2.1 N
9.698IA_DCPBoone County2010-07-12
9.847KCCIAmes / St Cecilia2002-03-27
10.094OTAmes - NE Flory2007-04-142020-04-05
10.221IACOCORAHSAmes 1.5 NNE2007-08-01
10.533IACOCORAHSAmes 1.5 NE
10.643IA_DCPStory City2002-11-07
10.643IA_COOPStory City2019-04-28
10.657IACOCORAHSAmes 1.3 NNE2021-07-05
10.671IACLIMATESTORY CITY2000-01-012022-12-31
10.737IACOCORAHSAmes 1.2 NNE2007-08-072007-09-19
10.955IACOCORAHSAmes 1.2 NNE2016-11-282018-07-19
11.110IA_DCPSouth Skunk River 1 E IFC--Ames E 13th St2011-08-11
11.154IA_DCPAmes 4NW - Ioway Creek Cameron School Rd2007-05-30
11.244IA_RWISAmes (I-35)2000-02-21
11.375IACOCORAHSAmes 1.1 NE
11.445IACOCORAHSAmes 1.3 NNW
11.507IACOCORAHSAmes 1.3 NNW2022-01-25
11.516IACOCORAHSAmes 1.3 NNW2019-08-192019-08-28
11.523IACOCORAHSAmes 2.3 NW2007-08-202008-06-08
11.813IACOCORAHSStory City 0.4 W2007-08-102008-06-10
12.166IACOCORAHSAmes 0.9 ENE2007-08-25
12.354IACOCORAHSAmes 0.8 ENE
12.571IA_DCPAmes 1W - IFC Ioway Creek at Stange Rd2011-08-11
12.640IACOCORAHSAmes 1.0 NW
13.298OTSoil Tilth BLG Ames
13.399IA_DCPRoland - Long Dick Creek2023-01-31
13.417IACOCORAHSAmes 2.0 WNW2020-09-06
13.528OTISU AMS VPro22011-09-08
13.529OTISU Agronomy B548
13.529OTISU | AGRONOMY HALL2007-04-142018-05-16
13.529OTISU Agronomy II2007-04-142011-06-11
13.562IACOCORAHSAmes 2.1 WNW2019-01-09
13.707IA_DCPAmes 1SSW - Ioway Creek at Lincoln Way2003-07-21
13.887TDPrivate Farm at Story County IA
14.289ISUSMAmes - Finch Farm2018-11-15
14.429IA_DCPAmes 2SSE - IFC Ioway Creek Duff2011-08-11
14.503IACOCORAHSAmes 0.8 WSW2019-10-142019-10-15
14.540IA_DCPGilbert 4WNW - IFC Ioway Creek at 160th2012-11-29
14.969IA_DCPOnion Creek 4 WNW IFC--Ames Hwy R382012-11-29
15.646OTAmes - Reiman Gardens2007-02-082007-04-16
16.042IACOCORAHSAmes 4.4 WNW
16.065IACOCORAHSAmes 3.5 WNW2007-08-232007-09-19
16.110IACOCORAHSAmes 2.6 W
16.359IA_DCPClear Creek 4 W IFC--Ames Hwy R382012-11-292016-10-19
16.373IA_DCPSouth Skunk River 2 SSE IFC--Randall Hwy R612012-02-03
16.567IACOCORAHSAmes 2.5 W2013-09-27
17.094IACOCORAHSAmes 3.1 W
17.703IACLIMATEAMES 3 SW1893-01-011964-08-31
17.824NCEI91AMES MUNI AP1991-01-012020-12-31
17.824NCDC81AMES MUNI AP1981-01-012010-12-31
18.613IACOCORAHSNevada 0.8 NW2007-08-212016-08-27
18.973IA_DCPPrairie Creek 6 W IFC--Gilbert V Ave2012-11-29
19.023IACOCORAHSNevada 0.7 NNW
19.310IA_DCPGilbert - Montgomery Creek2022-11-25
19.517IACOCORAHSNevada 0.9 NNE
20.009IA_DCPNorth Branch Onion Creek 6 E IFC--Boone V Ave2012-11-292016-10-20
20.023TDPrivate Farm at Bear Creek (Site 1)
20.088IACOCORAHSNevada 0.2 NNE
20.127IACOCORAHSNevada 5.1 WSW2007-08-232012-06-21
20.418IA_DCPStratford 18SSE - IFC Ioway Creek at 210th2013-09-112016-10-20
20.431IACOCORAHSNevada 5.1 WSW2018-03-24
20.534TDPrivate Farm at Bear Creek (Site 2)
20.564IA_DCPAmes - Ioway Creek2007-05-30
20.691IACOCORAHSNevada 0.3 E2007-08-012007-09-22
20.761IACOCORAHSNevada 0.3 SSE2007-09-072015-08-29
20.811KCCINevada Community2003-04-152016-06-16
20.840IACLIMATEAmes Area1893-01-01
21.174ISUSMAmes - Kitchen Farm2021-12-17
21.376IA_DCPAMES SCAN2012-12-19
21.549IA_DCPWorrell Creek 5 WSW IFC--Ames X Ave2012-12-192016-10-20
21.998IA_COOPAMES 5 SE2004-01-01
21.998IA_DCPSouth Skunk River 2 SSE Ames US 302003-07-21
22.020IA_DCPStory City 8W - IFC Ioway Creek 120th2012-11-29
22.332IA_DCPTalynns Creek 8 W IFC--Story City V Ave2012-11-292016-10-20
22.596IA_DCPN Branch of S Fork Onion Creek 5 E IFC--Boone U Ave2012-11-292016-10-20
23.158NSTLFLUXNSTL10 Corn/Soy Residue
23.245CSCAPISUAG.USB - Helmers
23.297NSTLFLUXNSTL11 Soy/Corn Residue
23.495IA_DCPS Branch of S Fork Onion Creek 5 ESE IFC--Boone U Ave2012-12-202016-10-20
23.519NCEI91AMES 5 SE1991-01-012020-12-31
23.519NCDC81AMES 5 SE1981-01-012010-12-31
23.520IACLIMATEAMES 5 SE1900-01-01
23.535IA_DCPMontgomery Creek 6 NE IFC--Boone IA 172013-09-112016-10-20
23.734IA_DCPNorth Branch Onion Creek 5 ENE IFC--Boone IA 172012-11-292016-10-20
23.790IA_RWISAmes 6S I-352013-12-092014-12-10
24.030IACLIMATEAMES SOUTHEAST1897-04-011899-12-31
24.424ISUASIISU ASI 4003
24.483KCCIBoone / United Community2002-02-122016-02-16
24.667IA_DCPGlacial Creek 9 W IFC--Story City U Ave2012-11-292016-10-20
24.680IA_COOPAMES 8 WSW2004-01-01
24.694IA_HPDAMES 8 WSW2021-01-04
24.702ISUSMAmes - AEA ISU-RDF2013-05-13
24.704NCDC81AMES 8 WSW1981-01-012010-12-31
24.704NCEI91AMES 8 WSW1991-01-012020-12-31
24.748IACOCORAHSBoone 5.7 ESE2007-07-312009-04-29
25.833TDPrivate Farm at Hamilton County IA
25.878IACOCORAHSNevada 2.9 SSE
26.235CSCAPISUAG - Sawyer
27.003OTISU FEEL Farm
27.630IA_DCPPrairie Creek 5 NNE IFC--Boone 160th St2012-11-292016-10-20
27.803IA_DCPBig Creek Tributary 7 3 NE IFC--Luther 250th St2013-05-222016-10-13
28.077IACOCORAHSNevada 4.6 S2018-03-08
28.442ISUASIISU ASI 4002
28.735TALLTOWERSStory County - Tall Towers
28.804IA_DCPBig Creek 2 E IFC--Luther 270th St2013-05-222016-10-13
29.462IA_DCPBig Creek 2 NE IFC--Luther Hwy E412013-09-112016-10-13
30.218IACOCORAHSHuxley 0.8 NNW2008-05-112008-09-13
30.498IA_DCPBig Creek 3 ESE IFC--Luther 280th St2013-05-222016-10-13
30.696IACOCORAHSHuxley 0.5 N
30.790IA_DCPEast Indian Creek 4 N IFC--Maxwell Hwy S272016-01-07
31.368IACOCORAHSHuxley 0.2 NNE2007-08-072008-06-09
31.581IA_DCPMud Lake Drainage Ditch 71 1 N Jewell2012-06-21
32.806IA_DCPBig Creek Tributary 2 4 WSW IFC--Kelley 300th St2013-09-112016-10-13
33.412OTAmes - COBS Research Site2011-10-132019-04-29
35.111IACOCORAHSSlater 0.3 NE
36.499TALLTOWERSHamilton County - Tall Towers
36.714IA_RWISCambridge I-352015-03-092022-08-22