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Neighboring Stations

The following is a list of IEM tracked stations within roughly a 0.25 degree radius circle from the station location. Click on the site name for more information.

Distance [km]NetworkStation Name Archive StartArchive End
1.983KCCIAudubon Community2002-02-12
2.278RAOBAuduborn IA/US1950-12-211954-07-24
5.162IACOCORAHSAudubon 1.0 NNW2007-08-042007-10-26
22.393IACOCORAHSElk Horn 0.2 SSE2016-04-18
27.642IA_DCPIRWIN 3 ESE2008-06-082008-06-08
27.990IA_DCPEast Nishnabotna River 2 SSW IFC--Brayton 345th St2012-02-03
28.165IACOCORAHSIrwin 3.0 ESE2016-03-182016-10-20
28.190IACLIMATEIRWIN 3 ESE1950-10-012008-06-08
28.190IA_HPDIRWIN 3 ESE2021-02-02
28.582IACOCORAHSAtlantic 9.9 NNW2018-06-112021-09-03
30.918IACOCORAHSAtlantic 7.1 NNE2007-08-01
31.388IA_DCPBrushy Creek 3 SE IFC--Dedham IA 1412011-08-11
31.607IACOCORAHSManning 3.3 E2008-03-312014-11-21
32.457IACOCORAHSTempleton 0.3 WSW
35.649IA_DCPTroublesome Creek 4 E IFC--Lorah Troublesome Creek Rd2012-02-03
37.097IA_DCPBrushy Fork Creek 4 ENE Templeton2013-07-26