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Custom Wind Rose Plots

This application attempts to generate a wind rose for a time period of your choice. Please be patient when submitting this form, as it may take up to a few minutes to generate the plot due to the large amount of data that this application processes. You can limit the dataset from which the windrose is derived in three ways:
  1. By only including observations from a specific hour
  2. By only including observations from a specific month or by a specific period of dates each year.
  3. By only including observations between a start and end hour

You can also, optionally, prescribe six wind speed bins, in the units of your choice. The first bin from zero to your value is assumed to be calm values. The last bin represents the last value to infinity. These images and data are in the public domain, the disclaimer page contains more details.

Backend Documentation exists for those that wish to script against the windrose image/data service.

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