Each month, the National Climatic Data Center provides an archive of one minute interval data from the ASOS sites in the United States. Unfortunately, the data format of this information is brutal to work with. Fortunately for you, the IEM processes this information and provides it for download here. The archive is available up until: 24 Feb 2024. There is a different interface to download the routine hourly observations from this network and for sites over the entire globe.

Updated 12 Oct 2023: The backend for this portal has been updated and a number of bugs / undefined behaviour has been fixed. My appologies if you had automation that was reliant on these quirks. Missing data is now represented by "M".

1. Select Station:

Select One or More or All stations in the network.

2. Timezone of Observations:

The timestamps used in the downloaded files will be set in the timezone you specify.

3. Select Start/End Time:

This timestamp is in the timezone you selected above.
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4. Select Variables:

5. Data Sampling?

Data is potentially available every minute, but you don't have to download it at that frequency. This setting does not bin the values, but rather filters based on your interval of choice.

6. How to view?

The "Plot in Chart" option was removed here due to its poor performance. Please try Autoplot 211 instead.

7. Data Delimitation:

How shall the output values be seperated?

8. Include Station Latitude & Longitude values?

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