IEM Daily Feature
Monday, 20 February 2023

Finishing out February

Posted: 20 Feb 2023 05:30 AM

With only eight days remaining in February, it is a good time to check in on forecast temperatures to finish out the month. The featured chart presents a diagnostic for the National Blend of models Extended (NBE) Model Output Statistics (MOS) forecast daily high and low temperatures along with observed values for Des Moines. The bars represent the range of time-lagged ensemble forecast values for the given date. The dots are the verification based on available observations. The range of forecast MOS values has been consistently under observed values and with not much cold to speak of, this are looking up at the moment for a decent end of the month temperature wise. The current caveat to this is the forecast big winter storm system arriving midweek and if the significant snow stays off to the north of Iowa or not.

Good = 10
Bad = 2
Abstain = 2