IEM Daily Feature
Thursday, 04 November 2021

2021 Severe Drought

Posted: 04 Nov 2021 05:32 AM

The weekly update to the US Drought Monitor is due out later this morning and will provide an update on how effective last week's rainfall was at putting another dent in the drought situation that has plagued much of 2021. The featured map presents an IEM computed grid frequency of having at least D2 "Severe Drought" classification this year. The two epicenters of dryness this year are shown over northwestern Iowa and an area to the north and east of Ames to Waterloo. It is interesting to note that a good chunk of the state never reached D2 status this year. The weather this year has certainly been highly variable and that's reflected in the variability you see in this map analysis.

Good = 14
Bad = 1