IEM Daily Feature
Monday, 25 October 2021

Wettest Day

Posted: 25 Oct 2021 04:40 AM

Sunday was a washout for much of the state with significant precipitation totals putting a dent in the ongoing drought conditions that have plagued 2021. For Des Moines, the 2.91 inch total was the highest daily precipitation total for the year. The featured chart presents the climatology of the highest daily precipitation for Des Moines. The bottom left panel is probably most germane here as it shows that having such an event during the end of October is still within the envelope within the historical record. The warm half of the year is obviously preferred for this metric as the atmosphere needs to be warm enough to support holding high amounts of water vapor in order to support multi-inch rainfall events. There is one interesting outlier shown on 27 Jan 1949 with 1.24 inches reported that day and the highest value for the year.

Good = 8
Bad = 0
Abstain = 1