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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

High Wind Warning

Posted: 22 Oct 2019 05:34 AM

The NWS issued a High Wind Warning over much of northwestern Iowa overnight due to forecast winds gusting to 60+ MPH. This alert is one of the rarer ones issued by the NWS and the featured map presents the yearly frequency of such a warning by county. The favored area for this warning type is clearly shown over northwestern Iowa. This area is characterized by flat and mostly tree free ground on the Des Moines Lobe and Northwest Iowa Plains, which helps to reduce friction effects that will slow near surface wind speeds down. The area is also closer to preferred locations for rapidly deepening surface cyclones over the Great Plains and locations north of the state. Far southern and southeastern Iowa are more hilly and tree covered, both working to reduce wind speeds.

Good = 15
Bad = 0

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