NEXRAD Composite + Mapserver Documentation

This page hopefully explains how to produce a geo-referenced NEXRAD composite image within GEMPAK. We then use Mapserver, as an example of how to create a GIS web mapping application.


The HOWTO is available in various formats.


Links to resources you may find useful.


Links to files referenced in this HOWTO:

Real-time Data:

  • US Composite Base Reflectivity
    (Generated every 5 minutes)

    IEM RADAR Applications:

  • Nationwide Warnings & Loops
  • Current & Archived Iowa Composite Loops
  • HOWTO Online Demo:

  • Here is the working demo: demo.
  • News:

    • 11 Apr 2016: corrected some URIs
    • 28 Jul 2004: Updated for Mapserver 4.x support. URL fixes.
    • 28 Jul 2003: Release the nationwide composite.
    • 25 Jul 2003: Initial release for review.