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This page produces a summary listing for National Weather Service Flood Forecast Points when the point is currently in a flood warning state. The IEM processes the flood warning products and attempts to extract the important details regarding flood state, severity, forecasted stage and impact. By clicking on the graph icon near the location identfier, you are taken to an IEM Autoplot which shows forecasted stage and observations.

Data presented here was provided by this JSON Web Service. Documentation on this webservice is here.

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Key: Near Flood Stage Minor Flooding Moderate Flooding Major Flooding

Aucilla River
  Lamont (US 27)
Taylor, Madison, Jefferson, At 8:45 AM EST Monday the stage was 53.0 feet.Flood stage is 53.0 feet.Forecast...The river is expected to rise to a crest of 54.4 feet early Wednesday morning.Impact... At 55.0 feet, Widespread lowland flooding will occur. Water will approach a few houses on US Highway 27.
Coquille River
Coos, At 9:45 AM PST Monday the stage was 21.0 feet.Flood stage is 21.0 feet.Forecast...The river will remain above flood stage with a maximum value of 21.9 feet Tuesday morning. Depending on additional rainfall, it may fall below flood stage early Wednesday morning.Impact... At 21.0 feet, The Coquille River is at flood stage. Expect flooding of farmland and low-lying areas throughout the flood plain along the Coquille River.
Skokomish River
Mason, At 10:30 AM PST Monday the stage was 14.8 feet.Flood stage is 16.5 feet.Forecast...The river will rise above flood stage this evening to 17.9 feet late tomorrow morning. It will then fall below flood stage early Thursday morning to 16.3 feet late Thursday morning. It will rise above flood stage again Thursday evening to 16.6 feet early Friday morning. It will then fall below flood stage again late Friday morning.Impact... At 17.5 feet, the Skokomish River will cause moderate flooding, with deep and quick flood waters inundating some residential areas, many roads, and much of the farm land in the Skokomish Valley. Inundated roads include the Skokomish Valley road, Bourgault Road West, Purdy Cutoff Road, and Highway 106.
Sopchoppy River
  Sopchoppy (FR 343)
Wakulla, At 9:30 AM EST Monday the stage was 30.6 feet.Flood stage is 28.0 feet.Forecast...The river is expected to fall below flood stage just after midnight tonight and continue falling to 25.6 feet late tomorrow morning.Impact... At 30.0 feet, The Painted Bridge begins to flood at this level. Homes on stilts in low lying areas in the city of Sopchoppy will experience flooding on the ground level.
St Johns River
Volusia, Lake, At 8:30 AM EST Monday the stage was 2.3 feet.Flood stage is 2.3 feet.Forecast...The river is expected to fall below flood stage this evening and continue falling to 2.1 feet Saturday morning.Impact... At 2.3 feet, Many docks become submerged along the river and in canals in the Astor community. Water enters yards of properties on Bartram Road, Holiday Circle and along Wild Hog Road on the Lake County side. In Volusia County, water encroaches yards of homes on the river side of Alice Drive. No wake zones are in effect from near the South Moon Canal to approximately 800 feet south of the Riverview lodge.