IEM Daily Feature
Monday, 06 November 2023

Flirting back above 50

Posted: 06 Nov 2023 05:30 AM

While soil temperatures are very important during the spring season to know when crops should be planted and their early development timing, they are also important during the fall season for the application of fertilizers, like anhydrous ammonia (NH3). For that fertilizer, soil temperatures are generally desired to be below 50 degrees to help keep the nitrogen around for use by next year's crop. The featured map presents daily high and low four inch depth soil temperatures from the ISU Soil Moisture stations. The warmer air temperatures and sunshine have helped to bump soil temperatures over the past few days and a number of sites have crept back above the 50 degree threshold during the afternoon hours. We'll have a few more days on the warm since before cooler temperatures arrive midweek.

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