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Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Few Degree Day Worries

Posted: 22 Sep 2021 05:34 AM

The featured chart presents probabilities of reaching 2300 Growing Degree Days (GDD) from a given start date (read planting date) to a given date in the fall. This amount of GDDs is a common maturity level for much of the corn grown in Iowa. The left panel presents the overall frequencies based on period of record data for Ames and the right panel is actual data this year up until 21 September with previous years providing scenarios after that. An early frost would seem not to be of concern this year with amble GDDs accumulated this year. The right plot indicates that planting dates up until the second week of June have reached maturity for this GDD level. After a few chilly days, the heat returns again for the weekend.

Good = 9
Bad = 0