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Friday, 09 June 2017

Reaching 95+

Posted: 09 Jun 2017 05:35 AM

The big weather story is the expected heat for this weekend with record high temperatures possible on both Saturday and Sunday. The current forecasted high for Ames is 97 degrees both days! Is it typical to see such warm temperatures this early in the summer season? The featured chart looks at the combination of first date and total number of days that season with a high temperature at 95+ for Ames. So for early June, less than 20% of the years that even reached this warm of a high temperature had its first date by this day of the year. It is interesting to note that 36 years even failed to reach this warm of a high, which is about 30% of years since 1893.

Good = 8
Bad = 0
Abstain = 1