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Thursday, 01 September 2016

Humid Summer

Posted: 01 Sep 2016 05:34 AM

The meteorological summer season of June, July, and August are now in the books, so it is an appropriate time to review some stats. The featured chart displays an average dew point reading each summer based on the hourly observations from the Des Moines Airport weather station. This average is computed by averaging the mixing ratios and not a simple average of the dew point temperature. 2016's value is practically tied at 2nd place with 2011 at 66.1 degrees. 2010 is the highest in this chart at 67.3 degrees. This chart also nicely shows one of the main climate change trends in the state, which is for more humid summer seasons although not all recent summers have been on the high side of long term average.

Good = 13
Bad = 0

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