This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
MNOI4Monona WWTP1 Jan 2017 7AMMMM004M
MNOI4Monona WWTP2 Jan 2017 7AMMMM004M
MNOI4Monona WWTP3 Jan 2017 7AMMMM0.4902M
MNOI4Monona WWTP4 Jan 2017 7AMMMM002M
MNOI4Monona WWTP5 Jan 2017 7AMMMM002M
MNOI4Monona WWTP6 Jan 2017 7AMMMM002M
MNOI4Monona WWTP7 Jan 2017 7AMMMM002M
MNOI4Monona WWTP8 Jan 2017 7AMMMM002M
MNOI4Monona WWTP9 Jan 2017 7AMMMM002M
MNOI4Monona WWTP10 Jan 2017 7AMMMM0.030.72M
MNOI4Monona WWTP11 Jan 2017 7AMMMM0.710.62M
MNOI4Monona WWTP12 Jan 2017 7AMMMM0.030.53M
MNOI4Monona WWTP13 Jan 2017 7AMMMM003M
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-01-14
MNOI4Monona WWTP15 Jan 2017 7AMMMMMM3M
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-01-16
MNOI4Monona WWTP17 Jan 2017 7AMMMMMM3M
MNOI4Monona WWTP18 Jan 2017 7AMMMM0.03T2M
MNOI4Monona WWTP19 Jan 2017 7AMMMM002M
MNOI4Monona WWTP20 Jan 2017 7AMMMM0.1402M
MNOI4Monona WWTP21 Jan 2017 7AMMMM0.0601M
MNOI4Monona WWTP22 Jan 2017 7AMMMMT01M
MNOI4Monona WWTP23 Jan 2017 7AMMMM001M
MNOI4Monona WWTP24 Jan 2017 7AMMMMTTMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP25 Jan 2017 7AMMMM0.587.78M
MNOI4Monona WWTP26 Jan 2017 7AMMMM0.172.110M
MNOI4Monona WWTP27 Jan 2017 7AMMMMTT10M
MNOI4Monona WWTP28 Jan 2017 7AMMMM009M
MNOI4Monona WWTP29 Jan 2017 7AMMMM009M
MNOI4Monona WWTP30 Jan 2017 7AMMMM009M
MNOI4Monona WWTP31 Jan 2017 7AMMMMTT6M
MNOI4Monona WWTP1 Feb 2017 7AMMMM005M
MNOI4Monona WWTP2 Feb 2017 7AMMMM005M
MNOI4Monona WWTP3 Feb 2017 7AMMMM005M
MNOI4Monona WWTP4 Feb 2017 7AMMMM005M
MNOI4Monona WWTP5 Feb 2017 7AMMMM004M
MNOI4Monona WWTP6 Feb 2017 7AMMMM0041
MNOI4Monona WWTP7 Feb 2017 7AMMMM003M
MNOI4Monona WWTP8 Feb 2017 7AMMMM002M
MNOI4Monona WWTP9 Feb 2017 7AMMMM002M
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-02-10
MNOI4Monona WWTP11 Feb 2017 7AMMMM002M
MNOI4Monona WWTP12 Feb 2017 7AMMMM0.0501M
MNOI4Monona WWTP13 Feb 2017 7AMMMM0000
MNOI4Monona WWTP14 Feb 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP15 Feb 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP16 Feb 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP17 Feb 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP18 Feb 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP19 Feb 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP20 Feb 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP21 Feb 2017 7AMMMM0.5200M
MNOI4Monona WWTP22 Feb 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP23 Feb 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP24 Feb 2017 7AMMMM0.8922M
MNOI4Monona WWTP25 Feb 2017 7AMMMM0.0512M
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-02-26
MNOI4Monona WWTP27 Feb 2017 7AMMMMMM00
MNOI4Monona WWTP28 Feb 2017 7AMMMM0.0200M
MNOI4Monona WWTP1 Mar 2017 7AMMMM0.37T0M
MNOI4Monona WWTP2 Mar 2017 7AMMMM0.021.50M
MNOI4Monona WWTP3 Mar 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP4 Mar 2017 7AMMMMTT0M
MNOI4Monona WWTP5 Mar 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP6 Mar 2017 7AMMMMT000
MNOI4Monona WWTP7 Mar 2017 7AMMMM0.3700M
MNOI4Monona WWTP8 Mar 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP9 Mar 2017 7AMMMM0.010.2TM
MNOI4Monona WWTP10 Mar 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP11 Mar 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP12 Mar 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP13 Mar 2017 7AMMMM0.283.843.8
MNOI4Monona WWTP14 Mar 2017 7AMMMM0.01T4M
MNOI4Monona WWTP15 Mar 2017 7AMMMM004M
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-03-16
MNOI4Monona WWTP17 Mar 2017 7AMMMMMM1M
MNOI4Monona WWTP18 Mar 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP19 Mar 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP20 Mar 2017 7AMMMM0000
MNOI4Monona WWTP21 Mar 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP22 Mar 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP23 Mar 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP24 Mar 2017 7AMMMM0.0700M
MNOI4Monona WWTP25 Mar 2017 7AMMMM0.1200M
MNOI4Monona WWTP26 Mar 2017 7AMMMM0.2700M
MNOI4Monona WWTP27 Mar 2017 7AMMMM0.16000
MNOI4Monona WWTP28 Mar 2017 7AMMMM0.0200M
MNOI4Monona WWTP29 Mar 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP30 Mar 2017 7AMMMM0.6300M
MNOI4Monona WWTP31 Mar 2017 7AMMMM0.2700M
MNOI4Monona WWTP1 Apr 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP2 Apr 2017 7AMMMMT00M
MNOI4Monona WWTP3 Apr 2017 7AMMMM0.1400M
MNOI4Monona WWTP4 Apr 2017 7AMMMM0.6800M
MNOI4Monona WWTP5 Apr 2017 7AMMMM0.1200M
MNOI4Monona WWTP6 Apr 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP7 Apr 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP8 Apr 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP9 Apr 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP10 Apr 2017 7AMMMMT00M
MNOI4Monona WWTP11 Apr 2017 7AMMMM0.0100M
MNOI4Monona WWTP12 Apr 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP13 Apr 2017 7AMMMM0.6500M
MNOI4Monona WWTP14 Apr 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP15 Apr 2017 7AMMMM1.1300M
MNOI4Monona WWTP16 Apr 2017 7AMMMM0.1100M
MNOI4Monona WWTP17 Apr 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP18 Apr 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP19 Apr 2017 7AMMMM0.0500M
MNOI4Monona WWTP20 Apr 2017 7AMMMM0.9600M
MNOI4Monona WWTP21 Apr 2017 7AMMMM0.0100M
MNOI4Monona WWTP22 Apr 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP23 Apr 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP24 Apr 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP25 Apr 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP26 Apr 2017 7AMMMM0.2400M
MNOI4Monona WWTP27 Apr 2017 7AMMMM0.2900M
MNOI4Monona WWTP28 Apr 2017 7AMMMMT00M
MNOI4Monona WWTP29 Apr 2017 7AMMMM0.1200M
MNOI4Monona WWTP30 Apr 2017 7AMMMM0.0200M
MNOI4Monona WWTP1 May 2017 7AMMMM0.7300M
MNOI4Monona WWTP2 May 2017 7AMMMM0.2100M
MNOI4Monona WWTP3 May 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP4 May 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP5 May 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP6 May 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP7 May 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP8 May 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP9 May 2017 7AMMMM0.0800M
MNOI4Monona WWTP10 May 2017 7AMMMM0.0300M
MNOI4Monona WWTP11 May 2017 7AMMMM0.5700M
MNOI4Monona WWTP12 May 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP13 May 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-05-14
MNOI4Monona WWTP15 May 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP16 May 2017 7AMMMM1.0300M
MNOI4Monona WWTP17 May 2017 7AMMMM0.0400M
MNOI4Monona WWTP18 May 2017 7AMMMM1.2200M
MNOI4Monona WWTP19 May 2017 7AMMMM0.0300M
MNOI4Monona WWTP20 May 2017 7AMMMM0.3300M
MNOI4Monona WWTP21 May 2017 7AMMMM0.6400M
MNOI4Monona WWTP22 May 2017 7AMMMM0.0100M
MNOI4Monona WWTP23 May 2017 7AMMMM0.3100M
MNOI4Monona WWTP24 May 2017 7AMMMM0.0200M
MNOI4Monona WWTP25 May 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP26 May 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-05-27
MNOI4Monona WWTP28 May 2017 7AMMMMMM0M
MNOI4Monona WWTP29 May 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP30 May 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP31 May 2017 7AMMMM000M
MNOI4Monona WWTP1 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP2 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP3 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP4 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP5 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP6 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP7 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP8 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP10 Jun 2017 7AMMMMTMMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP11 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP12 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP13 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0.54MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP14 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0.16MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP15 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0.27MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP16 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP17 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0.93MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP18 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0.02MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP19 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP20 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0.03MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP21 Jun 2017 7AMMMMTMMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP22 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0.06MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP23 Jun 2017 7AMMMM1.34MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP24 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP25 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0.09MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP26 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0.01MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP27 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP28 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0.66MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP29 Jun 2017 7AMMMM1.46MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP30 Jun 2017 7AMMMM0.14MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP1 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0.03MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP2 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP3 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP4 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP5 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP6 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP7 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP8 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP9 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP10 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0.61MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP11 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP12 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0.37MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP13 Jul 2017 7AMMMM1.05MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP14 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP15 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP16 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP17 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP18 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP19 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0.04MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP20 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0.32MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP21 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP22 Jul 2017 7AMMMM2.08MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP23 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP24 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP25 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP26 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0.16MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP27 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0.08MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP28 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP29 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP30 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP31 Jul 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP1 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP2 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP4 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0.95MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-08-05
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-08-06
MNOI4Monona WWTP7 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP8 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP9 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP10 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0.02MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP11 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP12 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP13 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP14 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0.04MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP15 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0.53MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-08-16
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-08-17
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-08-18
MNOI4Monona WWTP19 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP20 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP21 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP22 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0.18MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP23 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP24 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP25 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0.03MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP26 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0.02MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP27 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0.01MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP28 Aug 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-08-29
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-08-30
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-08-31
MNOI4Monona WWTP1 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP3 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0.02MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP4 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP5 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP6 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0.01MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP7 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP8 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-09-09
MNOI4Monona WWTP10 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP11 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP12 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP13 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP14 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-09-15
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-09-16
MNOI4Monona WWTP17 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0.45MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP18 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP19 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0.08MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP20 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP21 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0.01MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-09-22
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-09-23
MNOI4Monona WWTP24 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP25 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP26 Sep 2017 7AMMMM1.61MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP27 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0.03MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP28 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP29 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0.02MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP30 Sep 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP1 Oct 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP3 Oct 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP4 Oct 2017 7AMMMM0.16MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP5 Oct 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP6 Oct 2017 7AMMMM0.41MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP7 Oct 2017 7AMMMM1.58MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP8 Oct 2017 7AMMMM0.24MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP9 Oct 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP10 Oct 2017 7AMMMM0.03MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP11 Oct 2017 7AMMMM1.06MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-10-12
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-10-13
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-10-14
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-10-15
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-10-16
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-10-17
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-10-18
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-10-19
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-10-20
MNOI4Monona WWTP21 Oct 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP22 Oct 2017 7AMMMM0.46MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP23 Oct 2017 7AMMMM0.02MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP24 Oct 2017 7AMMMM0.06MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP25 Oct 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP26 Oct 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-10-27
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-10-28
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-10-29
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-10-30
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-10-31
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-11-01
MNOI4Monona WWTP2 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0.04MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP3 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP4 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0.05MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP5 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0.03MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP7 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP8 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP9 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP10 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-11-11
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-11-12
MNOI4Monona WWTP13 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP14 Nov 2017 7AMMMMTMMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP15 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0.03MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP16 Nov 2017 7AMMMMTMMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP17 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP18 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0.15MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP19 Nov 2017 7AMMMMTMMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP20 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP21 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP22 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP23 Nov 2017 7AMMMMTTMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP24 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP25 Nov 2017 7AMMMMTMMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP26 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP27 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP28 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP29 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP30 Nov 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP1 Dec 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-12-02
MNOI4Monona WWTPNo Observation Reported for 2017-12-03
MNOI4Monona WWTP4 Dec 2017 7AMMMM0.15MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP6 Dec 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP8 Dec 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP9 Dec 2017 7AMMMM0.020.81M
MNOI4Monona WWTP10 Dec 2017 7AMMMM0MMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP11 Dec 2017 7AMMMMTTMM
MNOI4Monona WWTP12 Dec 2017 7AMMMM0.051.21M
MNOI4Monona WWTP13 Dec 2017 7AMMMM001M
MNOI4Monona WWTP14 Dec 2017 7AMMMM00MM
MNOI4Monona WWTP15 Dec 2017 7AMMMMTTMM

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...