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09 August 2014 Summary for ISUSM

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This table lists out IEM computed daily summary values for this network. These values are derived from available observations and specialized summary products that some of the observation sites produce. The time zone reported for the peak winds are hopefully the local valid time (America/Chicago) at the site. There is a download interface for most of this summary information.

ID: Location: High: Low: Max Dew Point [F]: Min Dew Point [F]: Rainfall Peak Gust: Time of Gust Snowfall: Snow Depth:
AEEI4 Ames ISU Hort Farm80.36664.99468.74261.99860N @ 1003:58 pm
BOOI4 Ames ISU AEA AgFarm79.26864.4968.920962.92420
CAMI4 Calumet78.0863.39269.184363.61530N @ 1312:35 pm
CHAI4 Chariton77.84663.66272.285964.1480.0829388
CIRI4 Cedar Rapids88.05259.48669.895559.34650N @ 1102:05 pm
CNAI4 Castana78.11666.5672.059266.9740N @ 1601:33 pm
CRFI4 Crawfordsville82.1362.97872.604462.42410N @ 1301:15 pm
DONI4 Doon79.05265.19270.214564.35629.02857N @ 1503:21 pm
FRUI4 Muscatine84.27262.90669.528259.46510N @ 1302:33 pm
GREI4 Greenfield75.77665.73270.363265.9120N @ 1206:13 pm
KNAI4 Kanawha78.87260.54869.7160.34650N @ 1204:21 pm
NASI4 Nashua81.7757.43467.978355.86060N @ 1101:49 pm
NWLI4 Newell80.79860.3570.689660.4940N @ 1004:37 pm
OKLI4 Lewis79.17865.10272.241865.570N @ 912:46 pm
SBEI4 CEA Site near Ocheyedan78.0861.93468.883761.57150.0414694N @ 1502:08 pm
WMNI4 Wellman79.91659.3669.389959.07970N @ 1512:40 pm
WTPI4 West Point77.79266.34472.444764.32840N @ 1102:13 pm