IEM Daily Feature
Thursday, 07 July 2022

Day to Day Low Change

Posted: 07 Jul 2022 05:30 AM

After a very warm Tuesday, temperatures were cooler on Wednesday. The day to day change in temperature is the subject of today's featured chart. The chart presents the frequency of the day to day change in daily low temperature increasing, decreasing, or staying the same. The long term climatology is shown along with 2022 observations. While the magnitude is small, there is a clear annual cycle shown with increasing frequencies of having warmer lows up until July and then decreasing after that. The cycle is a clear impact of climatology, which favors warming during day to day increases in daylight and cooling with day to day increases in night time. Again while the magnitudes are small, it is interesting to see the increase in frequency of having no temperature change during the summer months. This is explained by the decreased range in possible temperatures due to increased humidity levels and non-linearity with the integer Fahrenheit scale we use. The forecast for the rest of the week has decreasing daily low temperatures depicted, so it may be fun to check back in on this plot early next week and see how lopsided the 2022 July total is so far for the month.

Good = 7
Bad = 0