This page presents the raw observations of daily high and low temperature along with precipitation and snow when available. The dates shown are the date when the observation was reported. For observations made at 7 AM, this would be a for a 24 hour period up until that time and not for that local date. The timestamps shown are valid for the local timezone of that reporting station.

Hint: You should be able to highlight the values in the table and then copy + paste these values into a spreadsheet program like Excel. A download interface does exist for these observations.

COOP obs listed by station

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NWSLI: Site Name: Date: Temp at Ob Max Air Temp Min Air Temp Precip Snowfall Snow Depth Snow Water Equiv
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Jan 2017 11PM323818000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Jan 2017 11PM373931000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Jan 2017 11PM153815000M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Jan 2017 11PM112290.020.51M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Jan 2017 11PM3153001M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Jan 2017 11PM3110000M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Jan 2017 11PM8263000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Jan 2017 11PM26262000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Jan 2017 11PM373821000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Jan 2017 11PM2553240.100M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Jan 2017 11PM254723000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Jan 2017 11PM202619000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Jan 2017 11PM252616000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Jan 2017 11PM253124T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Jan 2017 11PM3132250.0100M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Jan 2017 11PM3740311.6500M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Jan 2017 11PM354134000M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Jan 2017 11PM324130000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Jan 2017 11PM3741310.1100M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Jan 2017 11PM4547340.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Jan 2017 11PM385038000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Jan 2017 11PM383932000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Jan 2017 11PM343933000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Jan 2017 11PM3839310.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Jan 2017 11PM3138310.0100M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Jan 2017 11PM303230000M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Jan 2017 11PM313624000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Jan 2017 11PM313926000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Jan 2017 11PM253525000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Jan 2017 11PM414919000M
FTMI4Fort Madison31 Jan 2017 11PM384337000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Feb 2017 11PM244223000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Feb 2017 11PM212818000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Feb 2017 11PM173317000M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Feb 2017 11PM323617000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Feb 2017 11PM314229000M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Feb 2017 11PM465027000M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Feb 2017 11PM264926000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Feb 2017 11PM1526130.0611M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Feb 2017 11PM172410001M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Feb 2017 11PM375217000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Feb 2017 11PM425934000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Feb 2017 11PM284928000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Feb 2017 11PM374623000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Feb 2017 11PM345534000M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Feb 2017 11PM294627000M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Feb 2017 11PM476627000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Feb 2017 11PM506244000M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Feb 2017 11PM396339000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Feb 2017 11PM536835000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Feb 2017 11PM5670500.2400M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Feb 2017 11PM4860480.0100M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Feb 2017 11PM486546000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Feb 2017 11PM4552410.0500M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Feb 2017 11PM264726T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Feb 2017 11PM303420000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Feb 2017 11PM384928000M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Feb 2017 11PM515630000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Feb 2017 11PM5267490.0800M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Mar 2017 11PM365234000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Mar 2017 11PM253825000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Mar 2017 11PM353920000M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Mar 2017 11PM506132000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Mar 2017 11PM536150000M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Mar 2017 11PM5166500.5800M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Mar 2017 11PM445439T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Mar 2017 11PM405836000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Mar 2017 11PM345234000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Mar 2017 11PM273624000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Mar 2017 11PM3034220.0300M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Mar 2017 11PM313825T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Mar 2017 11PM2733270.12TTM
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Mar 2017 11PM283114T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Mar 2017 11PM283514000M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Mar 2017 11PM414525000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Mar 2017 11PM396739T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Mar 2017 11PM375136000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Mar 2017 11PM495835000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Mar 2017 11PM486845000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Mar 2017 11PM3956390.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Mar 2017 11PM394530000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Mar 2017 11PM5051360.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Mar 2017 11PM5475490.3100M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Mar 2017 11PM5759460.300M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Mar 2017 11PM4857470.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Mar 2017 11PM4954460.100M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Mar 2017 11PM465346000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Mar 2017 11PM4749410.7800M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Mar 2017 11PM4250411.0400M
FTMI4Fort Madison31 Mar 2017 11PM4043380.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Apr 2017 11PM475533000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Apr 2017 11PM525546000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Apr 2017 11PM5055490.4200M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Apr 2017 11PM4755470.2600M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Apr 2017 11PM4155390.900M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Apr 2017 11PM425640000M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Apr 2017 11PM475533000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Apr 2017 11PM607243000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Apr 2017 11PM647555000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Apr 2017 11PM4871480.400M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Apr 2017 11PM445941000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Apr 2017 11PM596942000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Apr 2017 11PM627653000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Apr 2017 11PM6572550.0500M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Apr 2017 11PM687663000M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Apr 2017 11PM6072580.4200M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Apr 2017 11PM617247000M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Apr 2017 11PM657351000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Apr 2017 11PM6678620.3800M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Apr 2017 11PM5167510.0500M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Apr 2017 11PM505644000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Apr 2017 11PM466244000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Apr 2017 11PM496838000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Apr 2017 11PM617444000M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Apr 2017 11PM677655000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Apr 2017 11PM4467440.8900M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Apr 2017 11PM5155400.3500M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Apr 2017 11PM4755420.1200M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Apr 2017 11PM4248411.3800M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Apr 2017 11PM5053420.4900M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 May 2017 11PM4455440.0800M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 May 2017 11PM496341000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 May 2017 11PM475445000M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 May 2017 11PM496544000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 May 2017 11PM527143000M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 May 2017 11PM516951000M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 May 2017 11PM587143000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 May 2017 11PM657653000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 May 2017 11PM638362000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 May 2017 11PM6285590.700M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 May 2017 11PM576857000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 May 2017 11PM547353000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 May 2017 11PM577748000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 May 2017 11PM677955000M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 May 2017 11PM718462000M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 May 2017 11PM748365000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 May 2017 11PM7480700.0500M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 May 2017 11PM628062000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 May 2017 11PM5063480.8100M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 May 2017 11PM5772500.3700M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 May 2017 11PM485948000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 May 2017 11PM5770440.2400M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 May 2017 11PM5166510.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 May 2017 11PM5666460.0500M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 May 2017 11PM637148000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 May 2017 11PM6075590.1900M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 May 2017 11PM637255000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 May 2017 11PM618158000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 May 2017 11PM617954000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 May 2017 11PM587852000M
FTMI4Fort Madison31 May 2017 11PM557751000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Jun 2017 11PM618251000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Jun 2017 11PM738758000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Jun 2017 11PM719264000M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Jun 2017 11PM749067000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Jun 2017 11PM679267000M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Jun 2017 11PM647858000M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Jun 2017 11PM607854000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Jun 2017 11PM678560000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Jun 2017 11PM728764000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Jun 2017 11PM768566000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Jun 2017 11PM778971000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Jun 2017 11PM799173000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Jun 2017 11PM819774000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Jun 2017 11PM7094690.1500M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Jun 2017 11PM778968000M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Jun 2017 11PM7787650.4700M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Jun 2017 11PM7087700.3700M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Jun 2017 11PM6581650.0400M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Jun 2017 11PM6584600.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Jun 2017 11PM728659000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Jun 2017 11PM7887660.0700M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Jun 2017 11PM768974000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Jun 2017 11PM658565000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Jun 2017 11PM637758000M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Jun 2017 11PM617655000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Jun 2017 11PM6174530.1800M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Jun 2017 11PM667850000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Jun 2017 11PM6884660.100M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Jun 2017 11PM7279670.0300M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Jun 2017 11PM728467T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Jul 2017 11PM668764000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Jul 2017 11PM729161000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Jul 2017 11PM759565000M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Jul 2017 11PM729070000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Jul 2017 11PM718869T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Jul 2017 11PM789464000M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Jul 2017 11PM7192710.4500M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Jul 2017 11PM748865000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Jul 2017 11PM809369000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Jul 2017 11PM7691672.5800M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Jul 2017 11PM8290700.3400M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Jul 2017 11PM7391730.3900M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Jul 2017 11PM7287720.2700M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Jul 2017 11PM678265000M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Jul 2017 11PM758561000M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Jul 2017 11PM739573000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Jul 2017 11PM728266000M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Jul 2017 11PM749568000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Jul 2017 11PM819772000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Jul 2017 11PM829578000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Jul 2017 11PM849575000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Jul 2017 11PM7893690.7300M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Jul 2017 11PM709470000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Jul 2017 11PM697963000M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Jul 2017 11PM748464000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Jul 2017 11PM7490700.7900M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Jul 2017 11PM7484720.1200M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Jul 2017 11PM668164000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Jul 2017 11PM647961000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Jul 2017 11PM677959000M
FTMI4Fort Madison31 Jul 2017 11PM718263000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Aug 2017 11PM739265000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Aug 2017 11PM738867000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Aug 2017 11PM6085600.0100M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Aug 2017 11PM607853000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Aug 2017 11PM678056000M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Aug 2017 11PM6571620.0500M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Aug 2017 11PM647861000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Aug 2017 11PM657957000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Aug 2017 11PM698357000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Aug 2017 11PM6791660.4900M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Aug 2017 11PM647964000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Aug 2017 11PM678058000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Aug 2017 11PM677856000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Aug 2017 11PM738463000M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Aug 2017 11PM7391680.7400M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Aug 2017 11PM738370000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Aug 2017 11PM688668000M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Aug 2017 11PM6885630.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Aug 2017 11PM728365000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Aug 2017 11PM708468000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Aug 2017 11PM6977680.6300M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Aug 2017 11PM6081600.4600M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Aug 2017 11PM608055000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Aug 2017 11PM688359000M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Aug 2017 11PM667459000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Aug 2017 11PM677859000M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Aug 2017 11PM6476630.4300M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Aug 2017 11PM6274620.4300M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Aug 2017 11PM647758000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Aug 2017 11PM648259000M
FTMI4Fort Madison31 Aug 2017 11PM597759000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Sep 2017 11PM557052000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Sep 2017 11PM6777520.0100M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Sep 2017 11PM708660000M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Sep 2017 11PM638763000M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Sep 2017 11PM567354000M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Sep 2017 11PM516747000M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Sep 2017 11PM567647000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Sep 2017 11PM678551000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Sep 2017 11PM668057000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Sep 2017 11PM637657000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Sep 2017 11PM617554000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Sep 2017 11PM587855000M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Sep 2017 11PM607853000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Sep 2017 11PM708858000M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Sep 2017 11PM719162000M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Sep 2017 11PM729066000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Sep 2017 11PM607360000M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Sep 2017 11PM678156000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Sep 2017 11PM708163000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Sep 2017 11PM779068000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Sep 2017 11PM758567000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Sep 2017 11PM759270000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Sep 2017 11PM759969000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Sep 2017 11PM749568000M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Sep 2017 11PM7291680.2800M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Sep 2017 11PM6386630.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Sep 2017 11PM557054000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Sep 2017 11PM507447000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Sep 2017 11PM577550000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Sep 2017 11PM597050000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Oct 2017 11PM657354000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Oct 2017 11PM718463000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Oct 2017 11PM718167000M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Oct 2017 11PM6271600.0500M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Oct 2017 11PM6869610.1100M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Oct 2017 11PM6870660.4100M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Oct 2017 11PM5570550.0600M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Oct 2017 11PM597951000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Oct 2017 11PM618454000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Oct 2017 11PM5161511.8600M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Oct 2017 11PM535549T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Oct 2017 11PM5460530.0200M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Oct 2017 11PM657654000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Oct 2017 11PM6571642.7900M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Oct 2017 11PM4366430.1200M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Oct 2017 11PM516640000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Oct 2017 11PM556849000M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Oct 2017 11PM537051000M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Oct 2017 11PM597448000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Oct 2017 11PM627952000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Oct 2017 11PM707859000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Oct 2017 11PM5170510.4500M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Oct 2017 11PM506547T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Oct 2017 11PM425142000M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Oct 2017 11PM476337000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Oct 2017 11PM437043000M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Oct 2017 11PM364336000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Oct 2017 11PM283828000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Oct 2017 11PM445127T00M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Oct 2017 11PM374937000M
FTMI4Fort Madison31 Oct 2017 11PM374533000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Nov 2017 11PM4545360.0100M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Nov 2017 11PM4350430.0100M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Nov 2017 11PM4550340.0100M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Nov 2017 11PM4756440.0400M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Nov 2017 11PM3552350.0600M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Nov 2017 11PM364229000M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Nov 2017 11PM314530000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Nov 2017 11PM314725000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Nov 2017 11PM234520000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Nov 2017 11PM324520000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Nov 2017 11PM414632000M
FTMI4Fort Madison12 Nov 2017 11PM3743370.1200M
FTMI4Fort Madison13 Nov 2017 11PM394629000M
FTMI4Fort Madison14 Nov 2017 11PM484938000M
FTMI4Fort Madison15 Nov 2017 11PM3156310.2600M
FTMI4Fort Madison16 Nov 2017 11PM313725000M
FTMI4Fort Madison17 Nov 2017 11PM5151300.0600M
FTMI4Fort Madison18 Nov 2017 11PM3151310.6800M
FTMI4Fort Madison19 Nov 2017 11PM373924000M
FTMI4Fort Madison20 Nov 2017 11PM455537000M
FTMI4Fort Madison21 Nov 2017 11PM254525000M
FTMI4Fort Madison22 Nov 2017 11PM323719000M
FTMI4Fort Madison23 Nov 2017 11PM356431000M
FTMI4Fort Madison24 Nov 2017 11PM456435000M
FTMI4Fort Madison25 Nov 2017 11PM355628000M
FTMI4Fort Madison26 Nov 2017 11PM385328000M
FTMI4Fort Madison27 Nov 2017 11PM556032000M
FTMI4Fort Madison28 Nov 2017 11PM386137000M
FTMI4Fort Madison29 Nov 2017 11PM404430000M
FTMI4Fort Madison30 Nov 2017 11PM305330000M
FTMI4Fort Madison1 Dec 2017 11PM395127000M
FTMI4Fort Madison2 Dec 2017 11PM335531000M
FTMI4Fort Madison3 Dec 2017 11PM595930000M
FTMI4Fort Madison4 Dec 2017 11PM3864380.1300M
FTMI4Fort Madison5 Dec 2017 11PM353929000M
FTMI4Fort Madison6 Dec 2017 11PM274027000M
FTMI4Fort Madison7 Dec 2017 11PM202919000M
FTMI4Fort Madison8 Dec 2017 11PM313818000M
FTMI4Fort Madison9 Dec 2017 11PM273223000M
FTMI4Fort Madison10 Dec 2017 11PM314323000M
FTMI4Fort Madison11 Dec 2017 11PM334931000M
FTMI4Fort MadisonNo Observation Reported for 2017-12-12

Errors exist in this dataset and you should evaluate the observations before using...